Euro­päi­sches Thea­ter­tref­fen für Kin­der und Jugendliche

Das euro­päi­sche Netz­werk EDE­RED (Euro­pean Drama Encoun­ters) wurde als Orga­ni­sa­ti­on im Jahr 1985 gegründet.

Die Idee, ein euro­päi­sches Thea­ter­tref­fen für Kin­der und Jugend­li­che in regel­mäs­si­gen Abstän­den durch­zu­füh­ren, basiert auf einer Initia­ti­ve des Euro­pa­ra­tes bei einer Kon­fe­renz in Eskil­stun­da 1979 zum Thema „Kin­der und Kul­tur im heu­ti­gen Euro­pa“. EDE­RED ver­an­stal­tet jähr­lich Kinder- und Jugend­thea­ter­tref­fen in jeweils einem ande­ren Land sowie Fach­ta­gun­gen zu thea­ter­päd­ago­gi­schen The­men­fel­dern. Auf Grund die­ser Arbeit ist ein akti­ves und effi­zi­en­tes inter­na­tio­na­les Thea­ter­netz­werk entstanden.

Das erste EDE­RED Tref­fen für Kin­der fand 1982 in La Mar­lag­ne (Bel­gi­en) statt, das erste inter­na­tio­na­le Jugend­thea­ter­tref­fen wurde 1987 in Strat­ford (Eng­land) durch­ge­führt. Seit 2015 beher­bergt die Geschäfts­stel­le des BDAT auch das Sekre­ta­ri­at von EDE­RED. 2016 fand das EDERED-Treffen unter der dem Motto „Fluid boun­da­ries“ in Joa­chims­thal  (Deutsch­land) und Mas­zie­wo (Polen) statt.

Open call for EDE­RED 2022

EDE­RED is a Euro­pean net­work of orga­ni­sa­ti­ons which are pro­mo­ting inter­cul­tu­ral work through drama and theat­re with child­ren and youth in Europe.

Since 1979 there have been almost every year encoun­ters for child­ren and youth through all over Europe.

This year, ins­tead of an Encoun­ter, there is a spe­cial oppor­tu­ni­ty for young peo­p­le (18-29) to take part in an inten­si­ve one-week work­shop in Osi­jek (Croa­tia).

If you are loo­king for theat­re, new fri­ends from all over Euro­pe and lots of fun, plea­se regis­ter by 5 July with

Dar­i­na Start­s­eva (startseva@bdat.info), Ste­phan Schnell (schnell@bdat.info) or direct­ly in Osi­jek to Ivan Kris­ti­jan Majić



The working lan­guage will be Eng­lish. Plea­se find here the open call:


Osijek Culture centre is organising this year’s „mini“ encounter in Osijek, from 5th to 12th of August. The accommodation and the food for the participants will be provided by the Culture centre in the Stara pekara hostel (www.hicroatia.com/hostel/hi-hostel-stara-pekara-osijek/). 

We would like to invite 2 participants (age 18-29) to take part in one big workshop in Osijek. The suggested theme of the workshop is going under the working name „220V“. The participants can be 2 girls, 2 boys, or mixed. The travel costs are not covered by our organization- it should be covered by participants, or in any other way, depending on your possibilities and previous practice.

We are also searching for a group leader, and a workshop leader from the member countries, and we would like them to send us a short motivational letter, as well as the proposal for financial fee and the travel costs- these costs can be covered by us.
This call is open till the 7th of july, for the participants and the candidate group/workshop leaders too. 

The best way to come to Osijek is by plane from Munich Germany, via direct flight on fridays. You can get useful information in our local airports booking agency (http://www.osijek-airport.hr/agencija/ ) so I advise you to contact them.


Ivan Kristijan Majić, board member of EDERED



Mehr Infor­ma­tio­nen unter www.edered.org.

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