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Gesamt­eu­ro­päi­sches Seniorentheater-Festival, 15.07.2018 Bewerbungsschluss

stAGE! Fes­ti­val is sear­ching for Euro­pean Seni­or Citizen´s theat­re groups


Inco­ming Trans-European Fes­ti­val of Seni­or Citizen´s ama­teur theat­re “stAGE!”, from May 16th to 19th 2019, has released its call for pro­po­sals (Ger­man & Eng­lish & French & Spa­nish ver­si­ons are available). It will take place in Ess­lin­gen (south of Germany).

Plea­se find the link for the announce­ment and appli­ca­ti­on form below (each form includes all four languages).

„stAGE!“ is an Seni­or Citizen´s ama­teur theat­re fes­ti­val which like to show dif­fe­rent artis­tic and topi­cal scope of seni­or citizen’s theat­re in Euro­pe, in order to dis­cuss social rele­van­ce and crea­te an Euro­pean net­work. Apart from the per­for­man­ces as the basic ele­ment of the fes­ti­val, we would like to estab­lish a second ele­ment, which will enrich the event: a sci­en­ti­fic con­tri­bu­ti­on with dis­cus­sion offe­rings. The third ele­ment will be work­shops and encoun­ters in the city, which will hence offer an acti­ve com­po­nent for the par­ti­ci­pan­ts and visitors.

We call for Seni­or Citizen´s and inter­ge­ne­ra­tio­nal (mix of seni­or and youn­ger mem­bers) ama­teur com­pa­nies from Euro­pean Count­ries (up to 10 persons).


Dead­line: 07.09.2018

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